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IT BEGINS!!! Manchester City Dream Team Career Mode - EP1

Improvements don't just take place on the pitch this year. For instance, the best part of career mode is being able to create your own team and swap them in for any of the game's 30+ leagues. Carshalton Atheltic in the Bundesliga? Go for it. For the optimum means of setting up your new club, as well help with on-field mechanics such as finesse shots, head over to our FIFA 22 tips rundown.

IT BEGINS!!! Manchester City Dream Team Career Mode - EP1

  • Web Animation Dorkly Originals: "If Sega owned Mario" has Mario in a nightmare where he and Luigi are experiencing the formats that Sega has been doing Sonic; altered designs and a were-plumber form. Mario soon wakes up and is relived it was a dream... until a faceless Luigi explains they're now owned by Ubisoft.

  • "If Nintendo owned Sonic" is the counterpart video, where Sonic discovers he has a truckload of beloved games and a severe lack of random friends, calling it everything he's ever wanted. Unfortunately, Sonic soon wakes up in his rundown room and realizes he was dreaming, with Samus Aran (who he'd been sleeping with) assuring him that being owned by Nintendo isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • FreedomToons: In "Amy Coney Barrett Goes To The Senate", when Barrett shows the court her blank notebook, all of America suddenly becomes devoutly Catholic... in the imagination of her detractors.

  • Parodied in the Homestar Runner short "HREmail 2000". Homestar puts on a regular puppet show for Marzipan using his shoes, which "gets cancelled after the third season":Marzipan: You mean the whole last season was a dream?! Gimme a break! They shoulda just had babies, and then the babies shoulda gotten married.

  • I'm Anton!: Anton experienced pain in his fingers and toes. Then wires started growing out of his fingers. He ignored it against the advice of Alex, who keeps telling him to go to the hospital but when his date found out about the wires, he decided to go to the hospital. The hospital didn't find anything wrong with him so he decided to go to the Moroboshi hospital, where they found out that his entire body is full of metal wires. He grew metal wires all over his body, and that's when Anton woke up. Alex showed up cosplaying as a character who has grown wires like in Anton's dream. At the end, a wire grows out of Anton's middle finger.

  • Let's Go! Tamagotchi: Mametchi's little sister Chamametchi turns into a superhero to fight off a giant monster attacking the town. This turns out to be nothing more than a dream she was having.

  • Discussed in Overly Sarcastic Productions. Red discussed how all being just a dream is a difficult trope to play straight, as it can easily break audience's willing suspension of disbelief as it can invalidate the entire story the audience was invested in. She also claims better received are the stories where the events being the dream is left ambiguous, there are strong hints that imply that the events acutlly happened, or that the events explicitly turn out to not be a dream after all. Alternatively, it can be a combination of both real and just a dream, with dream world being a separate place that can exist even when characters are not currently dreaming.

  • Red vs. Blue: Episode 28.5, "The Last Episode Ever". In it, Simmons comes back as a ghost, but is really Old Man Caboose, Tucker and Doc are running away to get married and Lopez is speaking French. The end reveals the whole thing was a dream by Church...Church: Huh? Oh, thank God. It was all a dream. All a dream. All a dreamiemiemiemiemiemiemie... Lopez: Oui, c'était un rêve horrible... OU ÉTAIT-IL?!? [Yes, it was a horrible dream... OR WAS IT?!?]

  • This was also used for a non-canon alternate ending on the Season Five DVD, where Church had been knocked out instead of killed from Sheila's attack in episode eight and had dreamed up the other ninety-two episodes, except he forgot all about his green-armoured teammate, Jacobs.

  • Another of the alternate endings did something very similar except, instead of being a dream, the whole series was an Xbox Live game played by the characters.

  • At the end of some cutscenes in Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition, people are seen waking up. This has no bearing on gameplay whatsoever.

  • In Sonic for Hire, Sonic goes on an extreme acid trip and actually believes that he has a successful job with Toe Jam And Earl, but then Tails "wakes" him up, making him realize he was just on an acid trip.

  • Sonic Zombie: The very end of the series reveals that it was actually all a strange dream had by regular Sonic, animated with an Art Shift in Source Filmmaker.

  • The Team Service Announcement short Compression Blast is just a daydream by the Pyro, hence why his airblast was so powerful. Powerful is an understatement, really, as whoever got blasted by it was not only extinguished but becomes rich, a king, and gets tons of women and a dancing posse.

  • Terrible Writing Advice: In Ending A Story episode J.P. gets eventually fed up with giving terrible advice how to end a story, and goes into sincerity mode. Only for him to wake up and being glad it was all just a dream, adding that things turning out to be a dream is one of the best ways to end a story. At least if it invalidates the whole story and nobody learns from the dream.



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