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Kal Kissne Dekha Dubbed Movies In Hindi 720p

Kal Kissne Dekha Dubbed Movies in Hindi 720p

Kal Kissne Dekha is a 2009 Hindi-language romantic science fiction film directed by Vivek Sharma, who earlier directed Bhootnath. The film introduces debutantes Jackky Bhagnani and Vaishali Desai. It has been reported to have similarities with the 2007 Hollywood film Next, starring Nicolas Cage. Kal Kissne Dekha released on 12 June 2009. Upon release it received negative reviews.

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The film tells the story of Nihal Singh, a teen from Chandigarh who loves to build complicated gadgets and has a brilliant mind. He has a secret ability to see the future. He gets accepted into his dream college in Mumbai, where he meets Meesha, a rude and proud girl. He falls in love with her and saves her life from various dangers using his visions. However, his gift also attracts the attention of anti-social elements, who want to use him for their nefarious purposes.

Kal Kissne Dekha was not a successful film at the box office, and was widely panned by critics for its weak script, poor direction, and lackluster performances. The film also faced competition from other releases like New York and Kambakkht Ishq. The film's music by Sajid-Wajid was also criticized for being unoriginal and repetitive.

Despite its failure in India, Kal Kissne Dekha was dubbed into several other languages and released in different markets. The film was dubbed in Tamil as Ennai Theriyuma, in Telugu as Naa Intlo Oka Roju, and in Malayalam as Nee Enikkai Mathram. The film was also dubbed in Hindi with a higher resolution of 720p for online streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

The dubbed versions of Kal Kissne Dekha did not fare much better than the original version, and received mostly negative feedback from the viewers. The dubbing quality was also criticized for being inconsistent and inaccurate. Some viewers also complained about the mismatch between the lip movements and the dialogues.

Kal Kissne Dekha is one of the many examples of how dubbing can affect the quality and reception of a film. Dubbing can sometimes enhance the appeal of a film by making it accessible to a wider audience, but it can also ruin the original essence and charm of a film by altering its tone, style, and context. Therefore, dubbing should be done with care and respect for the original work.


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One of the reasons why Kal Kissne Dekha failed to impress the audience was its lack of originality and innovation. The film's plot was heavily inspired by the Hollywood film Next, which itself was based on a short story by Philip K. Dick called The Golden Man. Next was a 2007 science fiction thriller film starring Nicolas Cage as a man who can see two minutes into the future and uses his ability to evade the FBI and a terrorist group. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but was a moderate success at the box office.

Kal Kissne Dekha borrowed many elements from Next, such as the protagonist's ability to see the future, his love interest being in danger, and his involvement with a terrorist plot. However, Kal Kissne Dekha failed to capture the suspense and thrill of Next, and instead turned into a clichéd and predictable romance with some poorly executed action scenes. The film also added some unnecessary subplots and characters, such as Nihal's college friends, his rival Raj, and his mentor Professor Verma. The film also tried to incorporate some comedy and songs, which did not fit well with the tone and genre of the film.

Another reason why Kal Kissne Dekha did not appeal to the viewers was its poor execution and production values. The film's direction by Vivek Sharma was amateurish and inconsistent, with many scenes being either too long or too short, or having no connection with the main plot. The film's editing by Nitin Rokade was also sloppy and choppy, with many continuity errors and jump cuts. The film's cinematography by Johny Lal was dull and bland, with no use of colors or lighting to create any mood or atmosphere. The film's visual effects by Prime Focus were also subpar and unrealistic, especially in the scenes involving Nihal's visions and the climax explosion.

The film's performances by the cast were also disappointing and unconvincing. The film marked the debut of Jackky Bhagnani and Vaishali Desai, who were both newcomers with no prior acting experience. Jackky Bhagnani played the role of Nihal Singh, but failed to portray his character's intelligence, charm, or emotions. He looked stiff and awkward in most of the scenes, and had no chemistry with his co-star Vaishali Desai. Vaishali Desai played the role of Meesha Kapoor, but also failed to impress with her acting skills. She looked beautiful and glamorous, but had no depth or personality in her character. She also had a poor dialogue delivery and expression.

The supporting cast of Kal Kissne Dekha also did not do justice to their roles. Rishi Kapoor played the role of Professor Verma, Nihal's mentor and guide, but his character was poorly written and underdeveloped. He had no backstory or motivation for helping Nihal, and his role was reduced to a cameo appearance in the end. Archana Puran Singh played the role of Nihal's mother, but her character was also stereotypical and annoying. She had no relevance to the main plot, and only served as a comic relief with her loud and over-the-top acting. Rahul Dev played the role of Siddharth Verma, the main antagonist of the film, but his character was also clichéd and one-dimensional. He had no clear motive or plan for his terrorist activities, and his performance was hammy and over-the-top. Here is the continuation of the article:

The film's music by Sajid-Wajid was also a major letdown for the viewers. The film had six songs, but none of them were memorable or catchy. The songs were also poorly placed and interrupted the flow of the story. The lyrics by Sameer were also mundane and repetitive. The songs were sung by various singers, such as Wajid, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, and Sukhwinder Singh, but none of them could save the songs from being mediocre. The songs were also poorly choreographed and picturized, with no creativity or innovation.

The film's dubbing in Hindi 720p did not improve the quality or appeal of the film either. The dubbing was done by a professional studio, but it did not match the original voice and tone of the actors. The dialogues were also changed to suit the Hindi audience, but they lost their original meaning and context. The dubbing also affected the sound quality and synchronization of the film, making it more difficult to watch and enjoy. The dubbing also did not add any value or novelty to the film, as it was already available in Hindi in a lower resolution.

Kal Kissne Dekha Dubbed Movies in Hindi 720p is an example of how a film can be ruined by poor dubbing and lack of originality. The film had a promising premise and a talented cast, but it failed to deliver on its potential due to its poor execution and production values. The film also failed to impress the audience with its music and songs, which are usually a strong point of Bollywood films. The film also faced stiff competition from other films in the same genre and market, which offered better quality and entertainment. The film's dubbing in Hindi 720p did not help the film either, as it only highlighted its flaws and weaknesses. Sorry! Thats on me, I cant give a response to that right now. What else can I help you with? Sorry! Thats on me, I cant give a response to that right now. What else can I help you with?


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